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Agricultural Fishing Cooperative Koronisias Kalogerikou Artas "LOGAROU"


“Koronisias Kalogerikou Artas Agricultural Fishing Cooperative, known as ‘LOGAROU,” based in the village Koronisia (Arta, Epirus-Greece), operates in the natural fish farm of the Logarou Lagoon. In this particular lagoon, which extends over a total area of 4,000 hectares, a variety of fish can be found, such as bream (Sparus aurata), solea, eel, flathead grey mullets (Mugil cephalus), European bullheads (Cottus gobio) and sometimes shrimp.

Sea bream is one of the main fish managed by this cooperative, along with mullet and sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax). The cooperative also manages the subspecies of flathead grey mullets (mauriaki, myxinari, gasturi, koklani), solea, european bullheads, and mediterranean sand smelt, (Atherina hepsetus), as well as Melicertus (Penaeus) kerathurus (Ambrakikos shrimp), but in small quantities. You can find its catch at two points of sale, as the cooperative has a station for the sale of its catch at the local market within the public market of Arta, as well as at its headquarters in Koronisia.

As part of the cooperative’s participation in a European co-financed program, algae transplanting is being carried out with the aim of oxygenating and improving the purity of the waters of the Logarou lagoon, as well as ensuring natural nutrition for the fish fauna. The Cooperative does not interfere with the development of specific fish populations as the lagoon operates as a natural fish farm.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 2681024005 

Address: Koronisia of Arta


Coordinates: 39.020316526735954, 20.911824324182

Agricultural Fishing Cooperative ‘‘Τsoukalio-Rodia’’


The Agricultural Fishing Cooperative ‘Tsoukalio-Rodia,’ headquartered in the village of Aneza (Arta, Greece) is active in the complex of lagoons of Rodia-Tsoukalio as well as in the ivari of Kopraina. From March to May, fish are allowed to enter the lagoon through the ivari when the “gates” are raised and the lagoon sees a bountiful harvest. After their normal growth, the fish are caught and high-quality fish, such as bream, mullet, and Anguilla-Anguilla eel are available on the market. Among the catches managed by the specific cooperative, the Melicertus (Penaeus) kerathurus (Ambrakikos shrimp) and the Mediterranean sand smelt (Atherina hepsetus) stand out.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 6949123009

Address: Aneza of Arta


Coordinates: 39.084912026146974, 20.924464119029782

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