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Informational Video

This three-minute video briefing describes in broad terms the scope, objectives and actions of the project, as well as the scope of the promotion.

AliAmvra Documentary

Discover the Amvrakikos National Wetlands Park through our fascinating documentary that reveals its wealth, which is composed of rare lagoon complexes, historical monuments, as well as its rich bird and fish fauna. Get ready for a journey that starts from its tranquil shores and includes unique travel experiences for visitors, such as boat rides, fishing lessons, bird watching and interactive games. Enjoy mouth-watering gastronomy that combines fresh seafood caught in the picturesque fishing villages with local produce from the land of Arta, offering tasty and nutritious benefits. Learn from expert speakers, environmentalists and academics, about the dangers and the efforts being made to preserve this natural gem. Watch the preparation of traditional recipes with the region’s catches. Get to know through interviews the extroversion of entrepreneurs active in the fishing and aquaculture sector in the Amvrakikos region. We are waiting for you on this wonderful journey.

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