In Psathotopi the 5th Tasting Exhibition by the Chamber of Arta.

In the scope of the project ” AliAmvra” the Chamber of Arta organizes the 5th in a row tasting exhibition this time in Psathotopi, in the central square on Sunday 15 October at 11:30 am.

As part of the programme concerning the “Utilisation of new technologies for the organisation of the market and the promotion of fisheries and aquaculture products of Amvrakikos – Arta origin”, implemented by the Chamber of Arta and funded by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the exhibition will be open to the public, who will be informed about the fish of Amvrakikos. At the same time, they will be able to taste traditional and modern recipes prepared on the spot with fresh products, putting into practice the motto “….from Amvrakikos to… your plate!”.

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