Flathead Grey Mullet in the oven with vegetables

Flathead Grey Mullet in the oven with vegetables

the simplicity and ease of this recipe


- 2 Flathead Grey mullets (800-1000 g)
- 3-4 tomatoes
- 3-4 large onions
- 4-5 peppers
- Olive oil
- Salt, pepper
- Oregano
- Lemon

Κεφαλόπουλο στο φούρνο με λαχανικά 1 1024x538 1


  1. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees. Add some oil to the baking pan and top with tomato slices, onion slices and pepper slices. Lay the cephalopods on top of the vegetables and add lemon, salt, freshly ground pepper, oregano and a little oil.
  2. Carefully turn them over and repeat. Put some salt, a little oregano and onion rings in their bellies. Cover the fish with slices of your vegetables and add some salt and a little oregano.
  3. Drizzle the entire contents of the pan with a little more oil. Bake until the vegetables are golden brown (about 30 minutes, depending on the oven).
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